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Holistic Care Options for Your Pet - Holistic Living Journal

Holistic Care Options for Your Pet


The term “holistic medicine” is often exchanged within certain circles of people who love to explore alternative treatments to common ailments, but what exactly does it signify?

Taking a more holistic approach to health means you consider the whole body when considering all possible treatments. The mind and body are not separate — far from it, a believer in holistic approaches mixes alternative healthcare methods with traditional medicines and methods in the steadfast belief that mind and body are intrinsically interlinked.

People who’ve had success with holistic treatments regarding their own health, are increasingly turning to the same human methods to treat the health of their pets, so that these adorable, furry animals also live long and healthy lives.

Among the holistic tools a standard holistic veterinarian uses, you will find the following:


A Chinese all-body treatment that was developed more than 5,000 years ago, pet acupuncture therapy consists of inserting thin stainless steel needles at several points across the body of your dog or cat. Fans of the procedure claim the treatment balances body energy meridians which, in turn, lead to a host of health benefits.


Essential oils and other aroma-pleasing substances are used in aromatherapy treatments to calm the mind, relax the body and help the dog or cat enter into a semi-meditative state that facilitates healing.

Chiropractic Treatment

A professional chiropractor realigns the body through gentle skeletal manipulation so that muscle and joint pain, and stiffness, goes away. It’s a drug-free, hassle-free option for pet owners looking to stay away from the use of ingestible substances for their pet.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists apply pressure to the ailing pet’s body over a lengthy period in order to ease both mental and physical pain and stress.


Holistic pet care enthusiasts often believe that optimal nutrition is vital for the health and happiness of a pet. Recipe-based specialty foods or any number of traditional supplements and specialized pet herbs or nutrients are used to treat an animal who needs healing.

Sound Healing

This relatively new field of pet treatment employs certain types of music to ease and relax pets.

All-Round Benefits to Holistic Pet Care

Holistic pet care advocates consider the above treatments to be key for a myriad of health benefits, including:

· Stress and pain relief

· Improved circulation

· A more handsome coat

· A more effective digestion

· A stronger immune system, and a more stable blood pressure

When your pet is not doing well due to invasive procedures and pharmaceutical treatments, holistic care may just be the answer for pets who are sensitive and seek a tender touch.

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