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Is Living Simple Living Holistic? - Holistic Living Journal

Is Living Simple Living Holistic?


With so much societal emphasis on living more simplistically and living more holistically, we wanted to know, is living simple living holistic? When you look at the two terms side by side they sound similar, but are they the same?

What is Living Simple?

Living simple is exactly what it sounds like. It is a way of living that focuses on simplifying life. The idea is, that the more you can simplify your life, the easier it is for you to focus on whatever matters to you the most. It’s a process of identifying what is most important in your life and removing anything that doesn’t contribute to your highest priorities. These priorities could be spending more time with your loved ones, taking more time for your self-care, or playing with pets.

Common Steps People Take as Part of Living Simple

– Reducing clutter

– Getting rid of unneeded possessions

– Buying fewer material goods

– Spending less money in general

– Watching less TV

Benefits of Living Simple

– Reduced anxiety

– Reduced stress

– Healthier living

– Helps the environment

– Financial freedom

What is Living Holistic?

Holistic living is living by the principles of holism. These are health-related principles that take into account the six components of holistic health.

6 Components of Living Holistic

– Physical Health

– Emotional Health

– Mental Health

– Social Health

– Spiritual Health

– Financial Health

When living holistically, priority is given to activities, people, and purchases that contribute positively to these six holistic health components. Things that do not contribute positively are then eliminated to encourage optimum health.

The Similarities Between Living Simple and Living Holistic

Sound familiar? This is where living simple and living holistic start to intersect. Although living simple is focused on prioritizing what’s most important to you, the process of eliminating anything that doesn’t contribute to that is very similar to holistic living. Then again, just because they are similar, does it mean they are the same?

The answer is no. Living simple is not the same as living holistic. However, if living simple and living holistic can both positively impact your health and the quality of your life, then why not strive to live a life of holistic simplicity? Now that’s the real question.


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