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The Five Elements Fire... our Content on Video Demand - Holistic Living Journal

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Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of the Holistic Lifestyle Conference and Expo! 🌎🌱

If you are interested in managing your health through a holistic approach or using it to complement your conventional medical approach, this is the channel for you!

The Holistic Lifestyle Conference and Expo will be held in Orlando, Florida May 31 – June 3, 2023. In preparation for this much-anticipated, research-based conference, this channel will be home to webinars and informational videos indicative of the programming that will be available at the conference.

➡️ This four-day wellness extravaganza will feature an estimated 175 speakers of top professionals in the field, is expected to draw 8,500 participants in person, and will be streamed on-demand to fifty different countries!

Holistic lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based approach to merging eastern and western medicine to provide health care options leading to a balanced healthy lifestyle.
Stay tuned to this channel for all the details you need to know about topics that will be covered at this first-of-its-kind conference as well as information about key speakers and vendors that will be available.

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